Welcome to Deninie's Ink Club & Loyalty Program - Where Every Tattoo Tells a Story of Friendship and Commitment

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam's vibrant center, Deninie's tattoo studio is more than a place for ink; it's a community where stories, friendships, and art come together. We're excited to introduce two exclusive promotions designed to make your tattoo journey even more memorable: The Tattoo Friends Club Promotion and Deninie's Loyalty Card Program. Dive into the details and discover how you can make the most of your ink experience with us.

Tattoo Friends Club Promotion: Share the Vibe, Share the Ink

Bring your squad to Deninie's and transform your tattoo sessions into a collective adventure of expression and bonding. Our Tattoo Friends Club Promotion is all about celebrating connections and creating lasting memories:

  • Bring Your Squad: Whether you're starting a tradition or commemorating a special occasion, there's no better way to do it than with friends.
  • Three Tattoos, Fourth on Us: When any combination of you and your friends get three tattoos, the fourth tattoo is our gift to you. It's our way of honoring the stories and moments you share.
  • More Than Ink: At Deninie's, getting a tattoo is a journey of storytelling and shared experiences. Let your tales intertwine with ink and make each session unforgettable.

Loyalty Card Program: Your Passion, Rewarded

Your dedication to tattoos is a testament to your love for art and self-expression. Deninie's Loyalty Card is here to celebrate your commitment:

  • Earn Rewards: For every three tattoo sessions you enjoy, the fourth is on us. It's our way of saying thank you for making Deninie's your ink sanctuary.
  • Collect & Celebrate: Don't forget to get your Loyalty Card stamped with each visit. Watch your rewards grow and your story unfold through ink.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Being part of our Loyalty Card Program opens up a world of perks, surprises, and, of course, more ink!

Join Us and Make Every Mark Meaningful

At Deninie's, we believe that every tattoo is a mark of beauty, a symbol of your journey, and a badge of your connections. Our Ink Club and Loyalty Programs are designed to celebrate and elevate your tattooing experience with us.


Terms & Conditions: We've crafted these promotions with our community in mind. Please inquire within our shop for detailed information on terms and conditions, ensuring your experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Ready to Join the Ink Club? Step into Deninie's, located in the bustling heart of Amsterdam, and become part of a community that cherishes art, stories, and the bonds they create. Whether you're marking a milestone with friends or embarking on a personal tattoo journey, Deninie's is here to make every moment, every story, and every tattoo unforgettable.

Embrace the Journey: With Deninie's Tattoo Friends Club and Loyalty Card Program, every ink is an opportunity to celebrate the paths you've walked and the connections you've made. Join us now, and let's create art that lasts a lifetime.