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Inspired and ready to embrace the art of permanence? At Deninie Tattoo Service in the heart of Amsterdam, we believe in the power of storytelling through ink. Your skin is our canvas, and your narrative becomes our muse.

We're passionate about bringing your vision to life, one unique tattoo at a time.

Location: Vijzelgracht 41, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 50 52 68 38

Whether it's a consultation, a custom design discussion, or simply a chat about our services, we're here for you. Reach out, and let's begin your tattoo journey together.


If you're interested in booking a flash in the price range €60,- to €150,-, there's no need to specify which one or the price in advance. Feel free to share your choice when you arrive at Deninie.

Do you want a flash higher in price? Just select Flash Tattoo or Exclusive Flash and enter the price in the message box. Thanks!

Want to get up close and personal, effortlessly! Call and connect directly with our artists. If they're occupied, simply drop a message and they'll return to you in no time.